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Bullet points again for now; must nab food and a nap before flying out tomorrow.

o.o my 13th row seat turned out to be 5th row, dead center, thanks to the stage configuration. *love* It's a good thing my 10th row seat hadn't been there -- I would've gotten myself into trouble. ^_^

Black Velvet opened this time, and again I was utterly mesmerized by Morimori ... particularly his, er, tight shiny jeans. (naughty, yes I know!). And Nishioka's hair was frighteningly high and spiky, but gah, so cute when he's just a few rows away from me!

Then TakaHiroki, who mixed his set up a little and was still loads of fun.

Then Nao-kun ... who didn't lose clothes this time, but did wear the cutest poncho, which flew around him as he sang and whirled ... and he did all this in platform shoes. Note: Planetarium is a gorgeous song.

Then Two Hearts -- yes, I continued to be enthralled by Morimori. Not only is he just utterly gorgeous now, he's taken a few lessons from Taniyama, clearly, and can stalk the stage in the sexiest of ways. Mmmmmm. Badly wanted the rose he tossed into the front row. I didn't use to like Two Hearts too much (the Ganbare Live didn't impress me), but damn, they're good now and I wish I could make the live in May....

Mi-chan had the misfortune to hold the gap between Two Hearts and GranRodeo, but his set was fun -- even if he talked too much ... though I swear I heard him say Morimori would be joining him on stage in a play in June. o.O

And then ... my Valentine's present to myself: GranRodeo. OMFG, Taniyama. Too. damned. hawt. for. words. He's shaved some of the hair on one side, and it looks freakin' awesome on him. And, well, had I been second row, I might've been tempted to crawl forward and lick the fake tattoo (a pair of lips) off his neck. and his voice ... *puddles*. He's such an amazing singer. And he played the audience so well -- someday, I swear I'll get to a full GranRodeo concert. Their five songs were just not enough.

The guys all discussed chocolate during the "encore." Wish I knew what Nao-kun said that made everyone just completely crack up. I do know he made me think of Bunta when he was going "mmmm." Heh. Didn't land any of the towels that got tossed into the audience, and, well, the girl who got the shirt Taniyama stripped out of ... lucky bitch! ^_^ (and mmmmm, Morimori playing touchy-feely with both Nishioka and Taniyama -- must get mind out of gutter).

Want to come back next year, oh yes, if humanly possible (GranRodeo should be there again).



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