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summerqueen ([personal profile] summerqueen) wrote2010-03-23 08:53 pm

First round of books/items for sale -- Japanese language

Items are in my possession and as described; links are just to show you details. If you have any questions, let me know. U.S. buyers will get media mail; overseas, we can can discuss your options. ^_^

Japanese Kanji Flashcards 1 -- this is the older edition, with 284 cards instead of 300; like new -- cards have never been taken out of the box, $20.00

Making Sense of Japanese: What the Textbooks Don't Tell You -- very good, $5.00

Travelers' Japanese -- Osamu Mizutani/Nobuko Mizutani. 140 pages with vocabulary and phrases to use on trains, in hotels, shopping, etc., average condition (the binding at pages 86-87 is loose -- though otherwise it's in excellent shape) -- $2.00

Illustrated Japanese Characters -- very good condition, $6.00

Japanese Graded Readers Level 1, Volume 1 -- like new, comes with slipcase for books -- $20.00

2004-2006 Japanese Language Proficiency Test: Level 3 -- like new, $20.00

Schaum's Outline of Japanese Vocabulary -- good condition (corners of front cover bent slightly) -- $5.00

Reading Japanese -- good condition (corners and edge of front cover worn a little bit) -- $20.00

Kanji Pict-o-graphix -- very good (corners of front cover bent slightly) -- $7.00

A Guide to Remembering Japanese Characters -- very good condition (corners of front cover bent slightly), $15.00

Let's Learn Kanji -- average condition (corners of front cover bent slightly, as are the bottom corners of the first few pages; this book has some writing in it -- the exercises up to page 8) -- $5.00

My Day in Tokyo and My Homestay Family -- both are in good condition (a little bending of the corners on the front cover of both), $10.00 for both or $5.00 each