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Staggered out of bed at far too early an hour, as did [ profile] joasakura. We readied ourselves, packed our bags and went to grab breakfast in the lounge. A breakfast I never actually ate much of because Oyabun called in the middle to tell me that Hide-san, who had left at o'dark thirty with Riko and others for Vegas, had lost his laptop and could I see if it was in the hotel somewhere?

Ah, Hide-san, the accidental enabler. Heh.

Dropped breakfast and hoofed it down the hall to the suite the guys had shared and knocked on the door to no avail. Back to the lounge, prepared to sound like an idiot, picked up the phone and dialed. Okiayu picked up, and after letting him know who it was and exchanging good mornings (I think), I explained that Hide-san had forgotten his laptop, which earned a very surprised "Ehhhhhhh?" from him. I tried to explain I was coming to the room ... and he attempted to explain that he didn't have the key to Hide-san's room (which I didn't get until I was actually *in* the suite). Tried to convince him to come eat breakfast while I search for the laptop and he must've thought I meant somewhere other than the lounge, 'cause he said he didn't have any money. Ack. For reasons I'll never get, I couldn't remember how to say 9th floor to save my life (yet I could remember more obscure counters later).

Anyhow, went back to the room and he let me in this time and got across that Hide-san had locked the door between his room and the larger suite ... and took the key. I was all set to run downstairs, but Okiayu, clearly being a little more awake than I, picked up the phone and dialed the front desk for me. He went to finish packing and I explained what had happened to security, who said they'd be up. He came back out, asked if staff was coming and I said security was on their way. Talked to Oybaun on the phone, then attempted to explain to him that she was close to the hotel. I was getting frustrated with my inability to express an idea clearly in Japanese and proceeded to blurt out an apology for my horrid skills (at least I got THAT right). I should add, though, that hearing Okiayu respond to me calling out "Okiayu-san?" with "Hai~!" from the other room damn near made my knees buckle. I could get used to that, oh yes.

Security got there pretty quickly and had me try Okiayu's card on the door -- no go. So he let us in, and Okiayu and I proceeded to ransack the room, which was pretty darn funny, really. Not something I ever expected to do with him ... or any other guest. what wasn't funny was no laptop. I thanked the guy for his help, left Okiayu to finish packing and called Oyabun. She had me search the lobby and then call lost and found. I should have said that I was looking for a laptop ... that wasn't in a traditional laptop bag. For it turns out they DID have it, but they told me they didn't. Gah.

Ended up back upstairs with Donna and Okiayu in the lounge ... and just couldn't take not trying to talk to him since he was sitting right next to us; I would've regretted it forever. so I asked him about Great America. Bless you TokiMeki Girls Side and Haato no Kuni no Arisu for teaching me the word for amusement park. Never thought I'd find a use for it! He proceeded to pull out his camera and show me pics of the park, the haunted house, the group, etc. and he talked about seeing zombies, pumpkins and riding the roller coaster. All with me leaning over to get a closer look. Heaven? Awfully close. We discussed our mutual lack of sleep -- he got about one more hour than I did. He asked if I was from Washington DC (I imagine Hide-san told him that), to which I replied that I lived near DC and said I was going home to feed my kitties. He seriously perked up at the mention of cats, and I struggled to find pics of the boys on my phone while Donna found pics of her chickens ... at which point I remembered the counter for birds and small animals and put it to use. Heh. I did try to get him to eat, which cracked me up, given how thin all the seiyuu are and how much we want to feed them. I got to tell a seiyuu to eat. ^_^

Right around then Oyabun showed up and we proceeded to go downstairs and check out. I resisted taking his room card as a souvenir when he wasn't sure what to do with it -- told him to keep it as a souvenir himself. Heh. Oyabun pointed us to the car and we went outside to load luggage. He was a gentleman and put my wee suitcase in the trunk for me ... and when it became apparent I wasn't tall enough to actually close the trunk, he did so for me (even in heels -- and on my toes -- the darn thing was a good foot over my fingers at full stretch). He also graciously gave me the front seat, until Donna and I insisted he take it, since his legs were longer than either of ours.

Oyabun dropped he and I off near the ANa gates and I got him checked in ... all too quickly (and my knowledge of Japanese numbers kept failing me, grr). I walked him to security, asking if he was going to be really busy when he got home -- he laughed, said no. He tried to get away with a handshake, but no way I could let the opportunity slip by without a hug, so I stole one. ^_^

Definitely a memorable morning, and I was thrilled -- and surprised -- to get mentioned by name in the blog post wherein he recounted the events. Heh.

The con wasn't the ideal place to have met him -- I would've prefered over dinner in Tokyo -- but I am uber-grateful for the opportunity at all and thrilled that I got some tiny bit of time to just ... well, kind of talk ... with him. I am, really, more head over heels than I ever was, since now I can see what he's really like (well, really like when dumped into a bizarre setting like a con on the other side of the world) and I like the reality more than the stage /screen/cd fantasy.

(as [ profile] gokumew2 brought up in her comment to my last post, yes, he and I do follow one another on Twitter, a present from Oyabun, who asked Riko if he would follow us; we've only exchanged Tweets a couple of times, but it makes my day completely when he replies to me, or says something. Giddy like a little girl, silly as it is. ^___^)

Now to lose a gazillion pounds and get the money to go back to Japan....

ETA: My pics from the con, which are horribly blurry for the most part; thankfully others took pics --
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