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Not much time, but here goes:

Picked up pamphlet, took one look at Okiayu's tight, white satin suit (that clings in ALL the right places) and thought, "wouldn't it be keen if he wore that on stage?"

Cue opening of first Sunday show (I'm second row, to the right of the stage), where "Akuram" comes on stage during the intros, in said white suit, with the addition of a blindingly gold shirt. Yay!

Nao-kun singing and owning the stage!

Takamichi and Tomomasa playing jan-ken-pon until Tomomasa quits in disgust. Hee!

Inoue-san Inoue-san Inoue-san, when you are in Hisui/Tomomasa mode, I become a pile of semi-sentient goo only capable of going "bibble." And you were in fine mode, blowing kisses everywhere....

*dies* Okiayu adds a black and gold feather boa to the suit, using it as Akuram's wolf stole. We're all giggling so loud as he gesticulates with it, who has a clue what he's saying?

*dies again* The "talk show" corner, with Kawamura Maria and Okiayu as guests. We find out that Okiayu really, really, no REALLY likes curry (no surprise, really) as he lists it as two answers, including the one thing he can't quit. Ha! We also delve into whether he always wears a bathrobe after showering (not sure, but I think the answer was, so long as it's not hot). And his favourite place in Kyoto is Kurama-jinja. And d'awww, he said Nao-kun was the person he was most hoping to see in the cast).

More feather boas! This time red and pink/white, to match the black suit Okiayu's changed into. And yum on an Akuram song.

Seki Tomokazu and his silly "flying" on stage (his Haruka 4 character has wings). *busu busu busu*

Miyata and Nakahara doing their goodbye bit as if they were praying at a shrine. Cute!

*dead on the floor* Inoue is wearing the black and gold feather boa and he and Okiayu are skipping down the runway arm in arm to say goodbye ... and skip back up the runway. *dead* (such bad thoughts they make me think!)

Encore goodbyes. Dear god, Okiayu's found an Akuram mask to go with the feather boa. *dead yet again*

*cackles* I will never, EVER be able to watch Harutoki or play any of the variants with Akuram in them without hearing Okiayu go "Woooo!" (with rising intonation). Kind of the Team Oni call during the goodbyes.

And, heh, every time someone in the audience yells kawaii at the female seiyuu, the guys all pick it up and say it too ... and Inoue gets the last word in. Then the female fans do it to Seki, the guys have their say, and Inoue turns to Seki and goes "Sugoku kawaii!" Thought Seki was going to have a heartattack right then and there. ^_~

Waved my hands off at Okiayu, who finished up on my side of the stage. No clue if he noticed or not (my gut says yes, but you never know).

Second show ... Okiayu comes out in the black suit this time and gets the crowd going in a chant of "Oni oni oni," and thus declares that this is the Oni Matsuri!

The white suit comes back ... this time with a blue feather boa (did he borrow that from Suwabe, or vice versa?) for Hakuryu. Hee!

He sang better the first time, but still very good.

Hee! Haruka 2 play -- the oni turn all goodie goodie. We are all now Akuram's kazoku. Heeeeee!

This time around for the thank yous, Team Oni has all the feather boas -- one for each! Still, Okiayu and Inoue skip down the run way -- and when Okiayu seems as if he's going to get away on the way back, Inoue catches up and slips his arm through his so they can skip together. (naughty thoughts are very naughty thoughts around now, involving white satin and feather boas, yep)

And I need to run now. ^__^
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