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Less than 5 minutes left on the ticker, so just a brief summary (I'll write up the rest when I get back).

Thursday -- landed, checked in, met Emi, [ profile] solaas for dinner, briefly met with [ profile] abyss_goat and her brother. After trekking all over to land a timer/clock, crashed by 11:00 so I could get up early the next day.

Friday -- Headed to Comiket early with abyss_goat. Met up with [ profile] gokumew2 and solaas. Melted standing in industry line but were among first three or four to get event passes at the Miracle Train booth. Killed time wandering the halls until it was time to line up. Got my 5 seconds with Okiayu and then we fled. Gokumew2 and I then hung around in her room until time for Ebisu and the Canna Nobutoshi live, which was awesome. Back to hotel, crashed.

Saturday -- Up far too early to catch shinkansen to Osaka. Tossed my bags at my hotel and scurried to the Grand Cube to meet up with [ profile] zoff22 for the first of four NeoRomance Lives. Enjoyed the heck out of the first one (will write more detail later) and then we ran back to my hotel for lunch outside the Umeda Station and so I could check in. Ran back to the Grand Cube for show #2. Also awesome. Headed back to hotel by circuitous route, stopped by a bakery and a combini, then passed out for about 10 hours.

Sunday -- Back to Grand Cube for show #3 -- even better than the first two. Wandered around in between and found a cheap place to eat that wasn't full of Neoroma fangirls. Went to show #4; again, amazing. Headed back to the delightful redlight district that housed my hotel and found the Osaka Christon Cafe. Woo! Enjoyed beef sushi, black sugar umeshu and yummy tiramisu while sitting among idolatry and listening to disco music. Said my goodbyes and crashed around 11.

Monday -- Again, early shinkansen. Checked my bags at the Prince, said hi to Emi and Asia-sensei as they went out for the day. Did a little shopping after tonkatsu lunch, then checked in and passed out until time to meet folks for dinner.

Tuesday -- Up before 9 to meet folks for breakfast. Headed out afterwards to find the Tokyo Daibutsu (not to be confused with the one in Kamakura). Took me an hour to cover the "15 minute walk," so I wasn't feeling very zen by time I found the buddha. Headed from there to Yasukuni Shrine, which was easy to find. Came back to the hotel for iced honey latte and a crepe before showering and resting up for dinner with [ profile] sho_sunaga, abyss_goat and Hide-san, which involved lots of food, cold beer and laughs (and one of the largest damn gokiburis I've ever seen. Aie.) Hide-san made an offer for my next visit that will make a very dear, long-held dream (see Friday above) come true ... so I hope he can make it happen.

Today -- Running around to more shrines/temples. Hie Jinja, Kanda Myoujin Jinja and Etoin Temple. Plus, since I was right there, wandered around the outside of the Sumo arena, Yasuda Park and the Tokyo Edo museum. Took the slow train to Nakano, did some CD shopping and wolfed down an ebi burger. Time now for a crepe, a shower and some good time with my book. Yawn.

Tomorrow -- Koganei Park and the open air architecture museum.
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