Feb. 13th, 2010

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Note to self: Next time you anticipate standing up at a concert for four hours, don't walk from Aoyama to Harajuku to Shibuya. Ow!

Iwata Mitsuo ... still not much of a singer, but has a cute rear. And he was more than happy to show it off during one song. Much butt wriggling. Hee!

Hirakawa Daisuke ... Senbonzakura sings! Er, well, I only know him as Ace and Senbonzakura really, and I don't get the fuss (and still don't care for his singing, alas).

Ah, the raison d'etre for today's show for me: Black Velvet. And boy howdy, they didn't disappoint! Morimori looks AWESOME. All lean and hawt and, uh, has he been working out his chest and arms? Yum. And, finally, Nishioka! He's so tiny and amazing and I'm so glad to finally see him on stage! Note to Morimori: showing off the band's official bunny and blowing kisses to us gals kinda blows the hard rock image. ^__^

Takahashi Hiroki -- Finally some songs I know! He's all cute 'n dimply and has so much fun on stage he's fun to watch and listen to.

And eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Nao-kun! He's like a ray of sunshine with a phenomenal voice. And he kept peeling off layers of clothes, including tossing his hat into the audience ... with its Hinoe-feathers and all. Mmmmm.

Two Hearts! Better than I remember ... still transfixed by Morimori's physique! XDDDD

And more eeeee -- Bokutachi no Anniversary, finally I get to hear it with Nao-kun and Morimori. Happy happy happy!

Must run now and crash for tomorrow's show will be long and loud!


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